WordPress v4.5 Released & Its Amazing Features


Hey! Its good to hear that the most awaited moment of releasing WordPress v4.5 ‘Coleman’ has now finished. Today WordPress has released their latest version of WordPress. As we all know before the release of WordPress v4.5 ‘Coleman’, other beta version and  RC version of WordPress v4.5 was released for the test purposes. Lots of efforts had been given on the development process of WordPress v4.5 to make it more powerful and flexible CMS than ever. After the successful tests and implementation of beta and RC version, WordPress has introduced its latest version of WordPress 4.5. It is expected that this version of WordPress would cover all the aspects of web designing and fulfill most of the expectation of WordPress users.

Finally, we have the latest version of WordPress (A Next Generation CMS) on our desktops and laptops. You can now download it directly from WordPress.org. You might be wondering to know about the newly added features of WordPress v4.5. In this article we will discuss about the newly added features of WordPress staying on the periphery of WordPress v4.5 with the available screenshots and sources.

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Amazing Features added in WordPress v4.5


Custom Theme Logo Support




This amazing added feature lets themes to allocate the desired height and width of logo and it also helps to check its flexibility and strength. As we know, In the previous version of WordPress, it was very difficult to customize logo from theme customizer option but this newly added custom theme logo support feature helps you to upload the custom logo directly from the theme customizer. For more details Click here(How to add custom logo in WordPress v4.5?)


Responsive Preview Option in Customizer



WordPress v4.5 ‘Coleman’ has brought the awesome responsive preview option. Its addition to the customizer has made it more powerful and flexible than ever. With the help of this option you can easily preview your site directly in the customizer. You can see the icons of desktop, tab and smart phone highlighted in the above image. Clicking on those icons will help you to know ‘how your site exactly appears in desktop, tabs and smart phones?’


Optimized Image Features

WordPress v4.5 ‘Coleman’ has introduced another amazing feature of scaling image. As we know, In the previous version of WordPress that an image size of 800*600 displayed fine on a desktop, but when we displayed it on any smart phone/tabs it didn’t work out, we could not get the same quality as displayed in desktop. Now with this WordPress V4.5 we won’t have any problem in displaying image on our desktop, smart phones, tabs etc., keeping the original size and quality. WordPress 4.5 has fixed that by allowing images to scale to the device and it is upgrading this functionality by implementing responsive images using the srcset and sizes attribute of the <img> element. You might be thinking about ‘How it works?’  Then its this way that after you insert your full size image into the post editor, WordPress evaluates screen size of the user’s device and it automatically selects the best size for your device.

Here’s how the new code look like for Responsive Image Feature:



 Inline Link Editing

In this latest version of WordPress 4.5, the process of editing and linking process is changed. There is no change in the chain link icon in the WordPress TinyMCE toolbar. We can click the same icon to create a link but what changes you will see is the WordPress WYSWIYG editor. You would find the WYSWIYG editor little bit different as shown in the image below.

wordpress v4.5-inline-text-editing



Login with Email Address

login with email in WordPress v4.5

WordPress version 4.5 has added option for logging into the WordPress Admin area. In the previous version of WordPress there was no other option for logging. But the improved latest version would allow you to login your WordPress Admin with email address too. You can use either username or your email address for login purpose. It is very difficult to remember username that we have created for many other accounts. Some people may easily forgot their username but could remember their email address. That’s why facebook, twitter and other social media use email address as username for login purpose. And it is also very secure to use email address as username from the security point of view.



Customized Moderation of Comment Screen

comment moderation screen final


As we have seen that most of the users spent their time on moderating comments in WordPress. Whenever someone comments on our website, we get an email notification. You might be asking ‘where is comment moderation screen?’ The comment moderation screen is where you approve, spam or trash the new comments.

As you have lots of comments on your blogs, it’s very difficult working through the comments moderation screen. And it is a very time consuming process. If you find comment including HTML code then it become more difficult to read. In the previous version of WordPress the comment moderation screen even didn’t allow you to edit a comment and also didn’t provide any formatting in comment text. But the latest version of WordPress 4.5 has an improved comment moderation screen which allows you to edit a comment and format in comment text as it would appear in the browser. You can see on the above image, it has a simple link to edit a comment.


Enlargement of  Comment Form Fields

On the comment moderation screen WordPress v4.5 has enlarged the maximum length of each field  of the respective database column. Here is the default length settings given below.

Comment: 62525 Characters

Name: 245 Characters

Email: 100 Characters

URLs: 20 Characters


Comment Error Page Navigation

In the previous version of WordPress there was no backlink in the error message page. But the version WordPress 4.5 has added simple back link to the bottom of error message page.


For Developers

Highly Customizable Embed Templates: Previous version of WordPress also help us to embed posts from our own and other WordPress blogs. Here the latest WordPress v4.5 will help to make the embed templates customizable so that theme authors can have custom displays. (#34561)

WP Site Class: Latest version of WordPress 4.5 is consists of amazing WP Site Class which will help in multi-sites WordPress Installs. (#32450)

Selective Preview in Customizer: As we know in the previous older version of WordPress if the changes have to be made the entire page has to be reloaded which is a time consuming process too. But the WordPress 4.5 is coming with the Robust Framework which will allow selective refresh in the customizer to make it more fast and efficient. (#27355)


I hope you will enjoy this blog and learn much more about the newly added features in WordPress v4.5 ‘Coleman’. Let us know about which features you like most in latest WordPress version 4.5. And do not forget to comment on our blog so that we can know more about your interest and also it will help us to serve you with our blog on WordPress in different topics that suits your interest.

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