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What is Google Analytics?

It is very important to understand Google Analytic before we discuss about the facts of WordPress Google Analytics Dashboard SEO Plugin. Here, I’m going to give a very short introduction of Google Analytic. Let’s simply talk about ‘What is Google Analytics ?’.

Google Analytic is the free web analytics service provided by the Google which tracks, analyse and reports the website traffic. You can say this is the widely used web analytic service on internet that also offers statistics and basic analytical tools for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) so far. Anyone having Google account can use this service for SEO and marketing purposes. Google offered this service in the year 2005 after acquiring the Urchin Software Corporation. Google has offered its Google Analytic service into two additional versions. One is Google Analytics Premium and another one is Google Analytics for Mobile Apps. Google Analytics is subscription based and mostly targeted for enterprise users.  Google Anaytics for Mobile Apps allows collected usage data from iOS and Android Apps.

Introduction to WordPress Google Analytics Dashboard

We have already discussed about exactly ‘What is Google Analytics?’ in the above discussion. Now we are going to introduce you about WordPress Google Analytics Dashboard the most popular and powerful SEO plugins for WordPress users. It is the top most downloaded Google Analytic plugins for WordPress developed by a professional WordPress Plugin developer Alin Marcu. WordPress Google Analytic Dashboard lets you track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and present your Google Analytics reports in your WordPress dashboard. Google Analytic tracking code is fully customizable and it allows advanced data collection using custom dimensions and events. This amazing Google analytics plugin show analyzed reports of all pages, posts, pages screen and sites front-end.

Screenshots of WordPress Google Analytics Dashboard


WordPress Google Analytic Dashboard SEO Plugin automatically installs the required tracking code in all webpages of  your website.

If you are new to Google Analytics then you needn’t have to worry. In this post we will discuss about ‘Creating Google Analytic account and its other settings’.

Before getting started with general settings of Google Analytics Dashboard WordPress SEO Plugin, here we look into the first topic step wise i.e. ‘Creating Google Analytic Account’.

Step 1: Signup for your Google Account for that visit

Step 2: Now visit this URL and setup your google analytic account by filling the                 necessary information that you are asked to fill.

Step 3: Once you have setup your Google Analytic account submit your website URL or blog and get your tracking                     code.

This is how you can create your Google Analytic Account and get your tracking code. Now we are going to discuss about configuring General Settings of Google Analytic Dashboard WordPress SEO plugin.

How to install & Configure General Settings of  WordPress Google Analytics Dashboard?

Here, we are now going to configure the general settings of Google Analytic Dashboard for WP. Step to step we will discuss about the process so you might not got confused.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard and Click on Plugins option on your left and click on ‘Add new plugin’.


Step 2: Type Google Analytics Dashboard for WP on a search bar. You will see lots of plugins, you just need to select                 the required Google Analytic Dashboard WP plugin and click install button.



Step 3: Now you will taken to another page with two option ‘activate plugin’ and ‘delete plugin’. Click on activate                       plugin option


Step 4: Now you are at Plugin Setup page. Go to the general setting option and click on Authorize Plugin button for                   the authorization of plugin to Google Analytics.



Step 5: Here, you will need access code so click on Get access code button. You will get the access code by Google                       API after a agreement. Copy that code,  paste it in the field name Access Code and save it by clicking the                         save access code button.



Step 6: Go to your Dashboard and check your Google Analytics Dashboard.



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