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WordPress plugin

WordPress plugin is a standard which help us to provide a series of features and elements. It is a collection of one or more functions, written in the PHP scripting language, which helps us to add features or services in our site. It also helps to modify, customize and strengthen our WordPress site.

Plugin Directory and Base Files For WordPress Standard

Base Plugin Directories and Files






















– -plugin-name.php





-version 1.0








WordPress Plugin Submission Processs

Please follow the guidelines below for plugin submission process:
• Check Plugin name in WP directory


• Create a WordPress plugin that functions well.
• Create and validate your Readme.txt file. The link to validate your readme.txt fille is : https://wordpress.org/plugins/about/validator/
• Add your plugin in : http://wordpress.org/plugins/add/
• Upload plugin.zip files to your website or website you have access.
• Upload to Dropbox or Google Drive and add public link to plugin.zip file
• Waiting for approval
• It takes minimum 8 hours to review and approved the submitted plugin.
• In case of plugin Submission you get the mail as below :

• In case of Plugin rejection you get the mail below :

• In case of Plugin Acceptance you will get the mail below :


Using SVN to Upload and Version Control

• SVN, or Subversion, is a version control program.
• Subversion is used for core WordPress development/distribution and official plugin development/distribution
• Once you have your repository, anybody in the world can check it out.

SVN for Different System

• The SVN for MAC, Windows And linux is SmartSVN
• Tortoise for Windows Only.
• SC plugin for MAC only.

Procedure to Upload Your Plugin with SVN

• Please install any one of the above SVN in your system.
• Make a folder in your computer so that you can upload Plugin content from this folder to WordPress Repository. (i.e. plugin folder in d: drive)


• But please do not use your this folder localhost/example/wp-content/plugins/your-plugin-name.
• Please check your mail for SVN repository Link
• So you have installed SVN then, right click on folder you created and click SVN Checkout. It looks like this, if you are windows user.


• Please add URL of repository from you mail and checkout directory and Leave other setting as it is and click ok.
• After that open folder you created (i.e. Plugin). You will see this.


• The latest code for plugin lies on trunk.
• After copying our files we need to commit our SVN folder.
• Right Click on your plugin folder and click SVN commit and box pops out and add message in “Recent messages”


• Leave rest field as default and click OK.
• Now you can see your plugin in WordPress Repository.

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