A quick beginners guide for adding navigation menu to your WordPress site

I have prepared this guide for those WordPress beginners who have no idea about creating navigation menu in their WordPress site.
I would say it has been a big issue for them to create navigation menu. Many of my customers also come to me with the same question.




And I felt that creating navigation menu in WordPress is being a difficult stuff for them. I thought then why not I provide them a proper guidance for adding navigation menu.

Actually, creating navigation menu in WordPress is not very difficult. If you get the proper guidance you can easily setup navigation menu in your WordPress site.

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Here, in this tutorial I will explain you about ‘How to add navigation menu to your WordPress site?’

Let’s start with the short introduction of WordPress navigation menu.


What is navigation menu in WordPress?

Navigation Menu helps the user to link with the various pages and post of the website. Simply you can say navigation menu helps the user to find the data and information through different sections of website.

Do you know, WordPress has a very flexible navigation menu system that lets the beginner users to create, edit and manage menus?

WordPress also has an amazing drag and drop menu interface that helps the new user to create a beautiful drag and drop menus with an ease.

You should know that the location of the Nav Menu varies from theme to them. Most of the WordPress themes come with a single location where only few themes come with multiple locations to facilitate the more complex website.


You might be wondering:

Your most awaited moment is now at the end. Be ready to grab the step by step guide written on ‘How to add navigation menu in WordPress?’

Step 1:  First login to your WordPress site’s Dashboard. Click on ‘Appearance’ and hit on ‘Menus’.

wordpress menu settings


Step 2: Now you are at the Menu Settings page. At the top of your left side you can see two options. One will help you to edit menu and other will help you to manage locations for menus. Now, Click on ‘Edit Menus’ option. Then hit on ‘Create a new menu’ link to create a new menu.

creating new menu in wordpress


Step 3:  Give the name to your menu. So it will be easy for you to recognize and edit your menu next time. Click ‘Create Menu’ button on your right side to create a menu.

giving name to new menu


Step 4: Now you can add pages like Home, Service, Blog, Contact etc. that you want to include in your Menu Item. To add menu item or pages to your menu, tick the pages you want to include in Menus from the pages displaying box which you can see at your left hand side.

Then press ‘add to menu’ button to add menu item to your menu. You can see added menu item at your right hand side in menu structure section.

adding menu item to menu

Note: To manage the position of menu items simply drag and drop the menu item and hit on ‘Save Menu’ button.


Step 5: Now your menu is ready. Hit the ‘Save Menu’ button at your right side to save the Menu which is also mentioned in the above screenshot. To define the menu location you can tick the menu location under menu settings section.

manage menu location


This is all about ‘How to add menu in your WordPress site?’ Here, I have simply shown you ‘How to add navigation menu to your WordPress site in 5 easy steps?’ There are lots of things you can do from this setting like adding categories to navigation menu, adding custom link to menu, adding menu to various theme location and much more.

I hope this tutorial will help you to create custom menu in your WordPress site. If you have any queries or suggestion to make this tutorial more informative and helpful, please subscribe us. Also you can comment on our comment box for your queries.


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