Step by step guide for creating contact form in WordPress


Step by step guide for creating contact form in WordPress

Hello!Hey! Guys, I have come up with a very interesting and important topic today.

It is not that much tough but simple and it also plays a very important role in allowing website visitors, the press, bloggers, or even media and advertisers to get contact with you.

And I know you are willing to get the step by step guide for creating contact form in WordPress site.

As we all know that every websites need a contact form. So that they can easily contact you through emails and phone calls to know about your products and services. In this short tutorial I’m going to explain you about ‘How to create contact form in WordPress?’


You might be wondering:


Why should we need to add contact form to our site?

Some of the important reason we should add contact form to our site are given below.

  • People can easily contact you by lot of means such as sending you email, sending you fax, or even by phone calls
  • With the direct contact they can even get correct information about your products and services.
  • It also protects your site against many unwanted spam emails.
  • Contact form has its own standard format. So that we can only get the information of our clients or customer we need.
  • It also saves time by letting your customers creating direct link between you and your customers or clients.


This is all about the importance of adding contact form to your site. And I have a lot to give you as I have promised.

This is crazy, right?  I know you are getting bored with my lecture. And it’s time to go with the step by step guide for creating contact form in WordPress.

It sounds good, right? Let’s start with the selection of best contact form.


Step #1: Decide the best contact form WordPress Plugin to create your contact form. There are lots of contact forms WordPress Plugins you can find in Here, I have chosen the popular Contact Form 7 plugin for creating contact form.


Step #2: Now, go to your Dashboard. Hover your cursor to ‘Plugins Option’ and hit on ‘Add New’ option.

Adding Contact Form Plugin in WordPress

Step #3: Now you are the plugins page. Type Contact Form 7 Plugin in a search bar and hit ‘Enter’. Now you will see the list of contact form plugins. Select the contact form 7 plugin and press ‘Install’ button to install a plugin.


Searching Contact Form.jpg

contact form 7 plugin installation.jpg

Step #4: While installing you will be taken to the plugin activation page where you can find two options. Click on ‘Activate’ option to activate the plugin.

contact form 7 plugin activation.png

Step #5: If you want to be sure.  Go to dashboard and Click on ‘Plugins’ option and then ‘Installed Plugins’ option. Here you can see all the installed plugins in your site. Find the contact plugin and Click on ‘Settings’. Copy the contact Form 7 Plugins’ short-code.


Step #6: To create a contact form move to the Dashboard. Hover on ‘Pages’ option and click on ‘Add New’ option. Now, give the name to your contact form Such as ‘Contact Us’. Then paste the copied short-code in text area. Now hit the ‘Update’ button at your right to save the contact form.

contact form 7 short code.jpg


Following the above steps will give you  a simple contact form presented below.

contact form 7


I hope that this tutorial will help you to create a simple contact form in WordPress. If you liked this tutorial then please subscribe us. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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