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Guest Posting

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Before I go deep into guest posting, I would like to explain you Guest Posting in simple way. And I’m sure that many of the users are unfamiliar with the word guest posting or they might have confusion in understanding Guest Posting.

Guest Posting, if we analyze these two words separately we can only know the literal meaning of it but this is not enough to know the value of guest posting in today’s world of internet marketing.

I must say that guest posting is now becoming familiar among the professional bloggers, SEO experts, digital marketers, growth hackers and other marketers.

It is acting as a medium for any business firms, bloggers, service provider companies to promote their products and services and creating a large pool of audience.

It is very important to understand the usage and benefits of Guest Posting if you are aiming to promote your company’s products and services to the large audience around the world.

Okay, let’s have discussion staying on the peripheral of the following topic given below:

  1. What is Guest Posting?

  2. What are the things needed to be considered while writing Guest Posting?


What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is to create and publish contents on another person’s website. It is the popular way of connecting your company’s products and services to the new audience.

Guest Posting is an intellectual way of making better online presence and building your company’s reputation in today’s online marketing world.

When you post your blog on another website not only your followers visit your blog also the visitor to host bloggers will visit your company’s content too. This process has the dual impact on both of the parties. When you post your quality blog on another person’s website you will have an opportunity to reach to a new audience to promote your products and services. It will also help to maintain your online reputation and at the same time the host site will have high amount of traffic too. This is how Guest Blogging works in one of two ways.

Simply by posting the quality content in another highly authorized site you can able to reach to the new mass and drive lots of traffic to your site. This is a kind of back linking techniques widely used by the many professional bloggers.

There might be a question in your mind like ‘Where can we find sites for guest posting?’, ‘Does every website allow you for guest posting?’ and ‘What type of sites are better for guest posting?’

There are many sites you can find those lets you to post your blog on their website, because it is very difficult and likely impossible to update your site daily with a fresh content.

Yes, off course you can find lots of sites in Google that allows you for guest posting. But be aware posting blog in any website will not give you the result you are expecting.

Let’s say, if you post your blog in a low authority site probably you won’t get the expected result. So it’s very important to choose highly authorized websites for guest posting. Because highly authorized sites have tremendous amount of traffic or visitors and there is a high chance of visit to your post by those visitors.

But you should know one thing that i.e. highly authorized sites only allows genuine quality content that suits the niche of host website. So it’s very important to have research on the topic you are writing and niche of host website before your proceed for guest blogging.

Now it’s time to discuss on:

What are the things to be considered while writing guest posting?
  • Do proper research on the topic you are writing before you proceed for guest blogging
  • Write publicly accessible content in your niche under your own name
  • Link back to the interactive writers and bloggers in your niche
  • Make better social media presence
  • Make the list of highly authorized sites in your niche those allows guest posting
  • Select the best sites in your niche for guest posting
  • Make inquiry about the rules and standards to be followed on host website

The above mentioned things are keys to become a Professional Guest Poster. This technique is very helpful for quality link building practices. And most of the professional bloggers and writers have been using this method for quality link building to optimize traffics to their site or blog. I hope this blog will help you out to know more about the Guest Posting and its usage in link building. Comment below if we have lacked some other important aspects. We’ll always need your help and suggestions to make it more informative and interactive.





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