How To Add WordPress Widgets??

WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets is infinitesimal blocks of collection of functions which helps us to add content and features in our WordPress Sidebar, Footer and other widgets ready areas.

Add WordPress Widget

WordPress Widgets can be added by Appearance -> Widgets in our WordPress Dashboard area as below:


You can also add WordPress Widgets with the help of Customizer as “Appearance -> Customize -> Widgets Section as below:


We also can drag our WordPress Widgets to a sidebar or other available widgets area.

Remove WordPress Widget

We can easily Remove WordPress Widget. It is not that difficult part. We need to go to Widgets section and delete the widgets you don’t want as below:


We can also delete WordPress Widgets by dragging back to its default position.

Available WordPress Widgets

There is also default WordPress Widgets available in WordPress Widgets section. These default widgets helps us a lot to add different widgets with different functions.


The List of available Widgets in WordPress Widgets section is as follows:

Archive: It helps us to display monthly archive of our site’s Posts in dropdown order.

Calendar: It helps us to add a calendar in our website Post.

Categories: It helps us to add list of Post in dropdown order.

Custom Menu: It helps us to create a custom menu and add it in our website sidebar, footer or others widgets area defined.

Pages: This helps us to display the list of pages in our website.

Recent Comments: This helps us to display our latest Post in sidebar, footer, and other wordpress widgets area.

Search: This helps us to add a simple search form in our website

Meta, Recent Comments, Rss, Search, Tag Cloud, Text are others Widgets available in Widgets Section. They have also different function and can be added.

Widgets section also displays the list of Inactive Widgets. We can drag the inactive widgets to this section but we can keep the settings of the widgets. Clear Inactive Widgets Section helps us to clear the entire inactive widgets list, we cannot restore any customization and setting of the widgets once it is deleted from this section.



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